Moisture Control

We are proud to provide a range of moisture control solutions, including crawlspace encapsulation, to keep homes in Wilson, 格林维尔, 杰克逊维尔, Raleigh and surrounding areas healthy, sanitary and pest-free.
Moisture control solutions can prevent


Structural Damage

Health Problems

CrawlSpace Encapsulation

The EPA estimates that 60% of a home’s first floor air travels through the crawlspace, 潮湿的, humid area that is often a breeding ground for pests and more. Sealing your crawlspace keeps crawlspace moisture and other contaminants away from you and your family for a healthier, 安全的回家.

CrawlSpace Encapsulation Benefits

CrawlSpace encapsulation is a solution that provides your home with a durable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient crawl space. Our crawlspace liners are pest, moisture and odor resistant, and once installed, provide a dry, clean area for under-home storage. Post installation, all ventilation units, as well as plumbing and electrical systems, will remain accessible

Our Closed CrawlSpaces Methods

Closing and blocking moisture vents

Installing ground moisture barriers

Installing crawl space rated dehumidifiers

Benefits of a Closed CrawlSpace


Lower 湿度

Less CrawlSpace Moisture

Decreased Odors

Better Air Quality

Lower Energy Bills

Improved Home Market Value

CrawlSpace Care System

手机在线买球app offers The CrawlSpace Care system to protect your home from the bottom up. This crawl space system provides moisture control by using a high quality, tear resistant 8 mil vapor liner to cover the ground which is sealed to a high quality, tear resistant 6 mil vapor liner on the walls.

All seams are taped to protect moisture from passing around the liner. If foundation vents are already present, they will be sealed. If not, please make your 手机在线买球app technical aware.

The CrawlSpace Care system, along with proper drainage and a form of mechanical drying will provide amazing moisture control protection for your home.

With 手机在线买球app and the trusted CrawlSpace Care System, your home is protected against

Condensational Moisture

High Levels of 湿度

Ground Moisture Vapors

Moisture Intrusion from Outside of the Foundation

Benefits of a Closed CrawlSpace for your home:

Enhanced quality of the crawlspace environment

Less humidity

Less humidity variations during the annual seasonal cycle

Reduces the susceptibility to insect damage, wood rot, and mold issues by reducing moisture

The improvements result in overall energy savings from reduced annual energy use for heating and cooling your home

Moisture Control

Crawl space encapsulation could be the best way to treat your moisture problem. By creating a closed crawl space, homeowners typically see significantly lower energy costs, as well as fewer pests and less mildew.


Commercial Services

Commercial clients have unique pest control needs. Any pest infestation – no matter how big or small – could ruin your reputation, cause you to lose customers, or lead to serious legal problems. For more than 40 years, we’ve partnered with military bases, office complexes, 仓库, 酒店, apartment complexes, condo buildings and other commercial and industrial facilities to help them resolve any pest problems in a timely and effective manner.


Home Pest Control

At 手机在线买球app, no home pest infestation is too big or small for our skilled exterminators. With an extensive background in entomology and Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we know how to eliminate pest problems in your home and keep pests from returning in the future.